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Experience moments of pure brilliance at the renowned Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel. Whether you're traveling for business, enjoying a family-friendly staycation, or seeking a relaxing getaway, our prime location on the prestigious Orchard Road, directly above Orchard MRT Station, offers unparalleled convenience. Indulge in exceptional comfort within our thoughtfully designed spa experience.

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Our Story

As I approached the garden, a gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of blooming flowers, welcoming me into a world of vibrant colors and tranquility. Nature's delights unfolded before my eyes, revealing a tapestry of floral masterpieces. Each flower bed seemed like a painter's canvas. Birds serenaded me from the branches overhead, their melodious songs adding to the symphony of nature. Butterflies flitted from one flower to another, their delicate wings creating a breathtaking display of grace and beauty.

The Nassim Botanic Signatures

Garden Inspire Spa is a serene oasis, blending seamlessly with nature's tranquility. It offers rejuvenating treatments amidst lush greenery, providing a holistic and revitalizing experience. Guests can unwind, connecting with the outdoors while indulging in blissful massages and revitalizing facials.

Escape into a world of tranquility and rejuvenation with our exquisite aromatherapy massage. Designed to soothe your senses and nourish your mind, body, and soul, our skilled therapists combine the power of touch with the therapeutic benefits of aromatic essential oils to create a truly blissful experience.

Experience a truly Singapore moment with our national flower. Rejuvenate from head to toe with an orchid infused body scrub to exfoliate and reveal supple skin.Followed by a relaxing massage using essential oil of Orchid flowers. Finish off with a cup of special brew Orchid tea and your day is perfect.

Under the starry night sky, you connect with the vastness of the universe and immerses you in the beauty of the night sky. This series of treaments are meant to induce sleep by allowing your body to completely relax. Awaiting your sweet dreams

* All prices are subject to prevailing goods and services tax of 9%

Nassim Botanic Packages

Inner Retreat

Healing Garden
Embark on a healing journey with us. Through a series of treatments, it help eliminate toxins and impurities from the body, promoting overall health by stimulating the body's natural detoxification process. Thus allowing the body to restore inner balance.
3hr 30mins
  • 30mins Ocean Salt Scrub
  • 30mins Sauna
  • 60mins Lymphatic Massage
  • 60mins Anti-Oxidant Facial
  • 30mins Hair and scalp treatment
Date Night
Ready for a Date Night? This package pampers you from head to toe, making you feel like a Hollywood superstar at the end of the session.
  • 30mins Ocean Salt Scrub
  • 60mins Milk honey Body Wrap
  • 60mins Radiance Facial
  • 60mins Massage of choice
  • 30mins Eye Treatment
Motherlove Journey
2hr - S$580.00
3hr - S$700.00
The ultimate indulgence package for pregnant and postnatal mummies looking to pamper themselves. Put away all stress and worries and focus on personal self care. For you have been great and brave embarking on this Motherlove journey
2 / 3hr
  • 60mins Prenatal/Postnatal Massage
  • and/or
  • 60mins Mummy's Glow Facial
  • 30mins Eye Treament.
  • 30mins Hair and scalp treatment
Stress Recovery
Well done for closing the deal. Now put work aside and enjoy the fruit of your hardwork. This package is designed to let business travellers destress through a combination of treatment to achieve total relaxation.
  • 60mins Collagen Face-lift Facial
  • 30mins Foot Massage
  • 60mins Massage of choice
  • 30mins Eye or Scalp Treatment
Good Night Sweet Dreams
Promises a good night sleep after this session. This is the full extension of our signature "Under the stars" treatment.
  • 30mins Sauna
  • 60 mins Massage of choice
  • 60mins Facial of Choice
  • 30mins Hair and scalp treatment


P.S I Love you
PS I love you, a gentle reminder to your other half that you love and care. A dedicated time together set aside to connect, communicate, and bond. Be it new love or old marriages, spark that burning fire of love.
  • 30mins Ocean Salt Scrub
  • 30mins Sauna
  • 60mins Massage of choice
Yes I Do
Preparation for the big day can be daunting. Ultimately, this is a time of celebration of love between you and your spouse. Put aside the busy itinerary for a moment and enjoy the company of each other prescence.
  • 30mins Ocean Salt Scrub
  • 30mins Sauna
  • 60mins Milk-Honey Body Wrap
  • 60mins Facial of choice
  • 60mins Massage of choice


Oh my little one!
Parent - Choice of any "timeless tradition" massage or facial treatment (60mins)

Child - Kids Massage (45min) and Organic Kids facial (15mins)
* All prices are subject to prevailing goods and services tax of 9%.

Exquisite Indulgences

Experience our Singapore botanic garden-inspired spa with curated treatments and premium facials. Indulge in fragrant botanical ingredients, skilled therapists, and transformative results. Discover a haven of relaxation, personalized care, and wellness. Embrace botanical luxury for a refreshed, renewed, and glowing experience.

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